You’ve cooked your last brat of the long weekend, hit your last snooze button, and waved goodbye to Labor Day. If bidding farewell to a three-day weekend has you singing the Tuesday morning blues, you’re not alone. Tons of workers returning to the daily grind are feeling “vacationer’s remorse” and scrutinizing each second away from work and scolding themselves for the time that could have been better spent, or daydreaming of every place they would rather be other than their desk.  Well it’s time to snap out of it!  If an apathetic attitude has you dragging your feet this morning, read the tips below on how to bounce back from a long weekend with ease!

Don’t linger in bed.  We know, sleeping in is a sweet, sweet sanctuary, but even though you’ve got to do it the past three days, it’s time to turn the alarm back on.  As magnetic as that snooze button is to your finger, resist it!  Burying yourself under the covers and prolonging the inevitable will just make you even more sluggish.

Eat a good breakfast.  This is an important cornerstone you should be doing every day, but it is even more important on days where you may have trouble getting up and going.  Eating a well-rounded breakfast will help give you energy to get through days when drive might be dwindling.

Try to beat the morning rush.  Nothing puts a damper on a work day that hasn’t even started like the road rage and horn honks of a post-holiday traffic jam.  If you can try and get on the road slightly earlier today to avoid the cluster and chaos, it will help you start your work day in a better mood.

Organize yourself first thing when you get in.  No matter how meticulously you organized yourself Friday before you left, it is normal to feel slightly overwhelmed and behind right when you get back from a long weekend.  No need to panic!  Just review where you left off on Friday, and plot out everything you need to get accomplished today, taking care to prioritize accordingly.  Taking the time to do this first thing will ease your stress throughout the day.

It should go without saying, but actually do work.  Now is not the time to “ease back into things” by slacking off and playing Minesweeper all day.  Picking up your work today will mean you are that much less behind and stressed tomorrow.  Also remember that Labor Day is intended as a breather and reward for the hard-working; make sure you earned it!

There’s always coffee.  If you find your energy waning as the day rolls onward, never fear; it’s not against the law to take a quick break or grab a cup of joe to rejuvenate your motivation.  Mini breaks on occasion are very healthy for clearing your head and sustaining your drive.

Remember you’re not alone.  Misery loves company, right?  At least in this instance, you can hopefully find some solace in knowing that there are scores of others out there who are experiencing the same lethargy you might be.  And look at it this way, you are still one more day closer to the weekend, so keep your chin up and your nose in your work!