Recently, Don Fornes, CEO of Software Advice, published some research on the personality profiles of a workplace ‘Dream Team.’ By commissioning a business psychologist to identify the psychological profiles of his company’s top performers, he discovered four distinct personality types that stand out as “A” players: Matrix Thinkers, Savants, Champs and Givers. The profiles examine what makes these top players tick, the management style that they respond best to and how to identify and hire more people like them.

The Matrix Thinker

Matrix Thinkers tend to be innovative, independent problem-solvers. They think in a non-linear fashion, which means they don’t just “think outside the box,” they think about why the box is there and how the box could be designed better. Matrix Thinkers can be trailblazers: They’re confident in their own interpretations and methods—and sometimes, this can lead them to create new products and processes. The way that Matrix Thinkers absorb information all around them can lead them to revolutionary ideas, which make them especially effective in creative or leadership roles.

The Savant

Savants are really great at their chosen field and have the ability to become skilled in many fields. They are highly intelligent, independent, creative types. Because they are naturally curious and love to learn, they become masters of their skill. Savants are often talented, introverted writers and avid readers who can give themselves over to intense focus when they are allowed the freedom to isolate themselves and create their own routine. They tend to do best in engineering, research and creative writing roles.

The Champ

Champs have high-energy, a positive outlook and confidence. They are able to hold a conversation with anyone and understand their point of view. These interpersonal skills and other qualities such as competitiveness, independence and leadership, make them great candidates for sales, management, and c-level executive roles. While they are great at closing deals and rising through the ranks of a company, because of their drive to succeed, they are not so great at roles that require being detail oriented. And while they are great at handling conversations with prospective clients, that’s typically where their customer service role should end.

The Giver

Givers are loyal, caring and diligent. They tend to be supporting players who put others first. They come in early, stay late and go above and beyond for their team and the company. They are thoughtful and caring at work and at home. This personality type is likely to stay with their company for a long time because they are personally invested in the company’s success. Because they are diplomatic personalities that thrive on solving problems, Givers excel in customer service and support roles where they can really help customers or executives directly.

Profiles of A Players

Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of your team members will help you place them in the right roles and hire more of these top performers to create your own Dream Team.