Job interviews can be awkward, intimidating and overwhelming – on both sides of the table! Pressure is on, because we all want to make a great impression and put our best foot forward to “sell” ourselves.
How can both parties have a successful conversation AND make the best decision moving forward? By being authentic! 


My biggest advice to anyone interviewing for a position is to be 100% themselves. To impress interviewers, we have been taught to answer questions in a specific way. Although I am a big believer in preparation, nothing beats being yourself. After all, don’t you want to be in a role where you would be genuinely happy and successful? Too often people focus on just getting the job instead of thoroughly understanding the role and forming relationships that will help you accurately evaluate how you align with the role, manager, and organization. 
To state it plainly, your goal is not to figure out what the interviewer wants to hear. That will backfire in the long run. Rather, your goal should be to learn if you would be happy and if it’s a step forward in your career goals.

Hiring Managers/Interviewers

As hiring leaders, how do you build connections in the interview process to empower your decision making? Yes, I understand there are structured interviews and other effective methods we can use in our process. However, nothing beats authenticity. 
Take the time to tell your story with detail, clarity and honesty. If your goal is to “sell” the candidate on the opportunity, you will not hire the person that is right for the position. Share the real challenges of working there, not only the exciting aspects. Describe how relationships are built; tell stories of teamwork, as well as customer insights, etc. Of course you will be asking questions to better understand the candidate’s experience and skills, but don’t forget to ask questions that will help you understand their unique traits and how they will mesh with your team.
When both job seekers and companies take steps to be more authentic and dig deeper in interviews, they are using better information to make decisions from and truly understanding the benefits of working together. Ultimately, this can lead to happier employees, teams and companies!

About Ginna Ronis

Ginna leads Medix’s Executive Search Practice. Through her 10 years of experience, she is a passionate advocate of the importance of soft skills in hiring, especially in leadership roles. To get in touch, you may reach her at