‘Tis the season… for popcorn tins, wine and cheese gift baskets, sugar cookies and pretzel rods.  Sometimes being in the office can be even more dangerous for a dieter than a trip to Grandma’s.  As the corporate gifts a’plenty role in, and coworkers fill the break room with the extra batch of Yuletide goodies they whipped up over the weekend, calorie counters may find their heads spinning.

It is especially dangerous considering many people cope with stressful situations with a little caloric therapy.  Putting a buffet of festive finger food around a bunch of high-anxiety workers could mean a recipe for disaster.  (Rough call with a client?  Pass the cake balls!)

Below are some tips for fending off those pesky holiday pounds!

Stock up on healthy snacks.
That bottom drawer is for more than just dusty files.  Fill up your desk drawer with healthy snacks so that when your sweet tooth starts to ache, you have something else to fill up on besides cookies!

Bring your own lunch.
No matter what time of year it is, this is a good tip for battling the workplace bulge.  Eating out frequently can be disastrous for a diet.  Make sure to pack yourself a nutritious and filling lunch, and you will also be less likely to snack absent-mindedly throughout the day.

Be careful at those potlucks.
As with any sort of buffet, it is all too easy to fall victim to our eyes being bigger than our stomachs.  Before you even get halfway through the potluck line, you’ve already piled an entire plate and are balancing a tower of baked goods in the other hand!  When the slow cookers and buffet servers start coming out, it is time to remember that portion control is key.

Guzzle that H20.
Keeping hydrated is important for staving off hunger throughout the day.  And no, 2 glasses of eggnog, a thermal of cider and a cup of hot cocoa do NOT count as adequate replacements for water when hydrating.

Use the buddy system.
Strength in numbers, people!  If you find another health-conscious pal in the office, help support each other in the war against the calories.  Be each other’s backbone when that pumpkin pie is looking far too tempting, and maybe even trade healthy snacks or go walking over lunch.

A little healthy competition.
There’s no better time to hold a little office fitness competition than during the holidays!  Whether you’re competing for pounds lost, miles ran, or Weight Watcher points earned, a little competition centered around healthy eating and exercise means EVERYONE is a winner!

When all else fails, avoid the break room like the plague!
Let’s face it, even the mighty can fall, and you might have been holding strong for a while but even the most avid dieter might find the tasty scents wafting from the break room too tempting.    Avoiding it all together may make things a bit easier (see no evil, eat no evil!)

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