It’s difficult to stay positive during the job search. The uncertainty and possibility of rejection will take its toll on anyone, so in the spirit of Thanksgiving, we wanted to help you stay positive by providing you a list of things to be thankful for as a job seeker:

  • The networking contact who sent your resume to his/her best connections
  • Your mentor who was happy to review your resume and cover letter
  • Your friend who went through interview questions with you and provided thoughtful feedback
  • The hiring manager who responded quickly after you submitted your application
  • Your former employer who gave you a glowing reference
  • The lint roller for being easy to locate and making your suit look sharp
  • Your trusty GPS for never failing to get you to an interview
  • The friendly receptionist/office coordinator who greeted you with a smile
  • Your interviewer and other people within the team who took time out of their day to meet you and learn why you’re the best candidate
  • Finally, your friends and family who believe in you and have supported you no matter what

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Do you have something else you’re thankful for? Please share!