As employees, it is interesting the emphasis we put on vacation time as part of our benefits package, but when it comes time to actual using our days, we often get trigger shy. This can be especially true if you are the boss. You might be reluctant to take time off because you feel like your team is relying on you to lead them every day.  After all, what is a ship without her captain? Well the truth is, everybody needs a little R and R, even supervisors. Here are some tips to prepare your team and ease your mind so your ship doesn’t sink in your absence!

Ignite your self-starters.

We know that having a team of people who are willing to listen and follow instructions is important, but it is also important that you have included self-starters on your team. Make sure you are encouraging these self-starters and cultivating an environment where your team feels confident in executing tasks without you looking over their shoulders.

Select a decision maker.

In your absence, you will need to direct your team to a point person who will make the executive decisions before you return. Choose someone trustworthy who understands your expectations and is best able to make decisions using similar judgment to your own. Make sure to establish with your interim decision maker what sorts of decisions are okay to make, and which should be held off until you are back.

Tie up all your loose ends.

Whenever employees go out of pocket, it is important they finish their work and tie up their loose ends so it doesn’t interrupt the flow of work for the rest of the office. This is especially important as the boss. Make sure to complete your own day-to-day tasks and make sure they are accounted for in your absence, but also make sure to not leave your employees hanging either. You don’t want them not able to finish a project while you are gone because you never approved a draft before you left.

Set clear expectations.

This is essential! You must make sure you establish clear expectations with your team in all manners. Make sure you have articulated any deadlines they will need to meet while you’re out. Be transparent about everything from workload expectations to your availability. Whether you will be checking email or will be completely offline and unreachable, it is important your team knows how accessible you will be.

Everybody deserves a little time off, so if you are the boss, make sure to follow our tips so you can truly enjoy your break. Relax, your team’s got it covered!