Let’s face it – interviewing is one tough skill to master. There are no second chances when it comes to first impressions, which is why executing a great interview will make or break a job opportunity. Following these quick tips will ensure that you are prepared to ‘wow’ interviewers:
Prep Time
Picture this: you’ve secured the interview (which is exciting in itself –woohoo!), bought a professional outfit to wear and are prepared to head straight in to snag that job. What’s next? We’ll hear this till’ the cows come home, but research is one of the most important steps to impressing an interviewer. Taking it a step further, being able to talk company financials, industry trends and any news stories will make their ears perk. Build a quick review of recent company stories into your morning routine before the interview in order to stay relevant.
Tell a Story
We’re all aware that interviewers look for leadership skills, strengths, willingness to work, creativity, and more. In order to impress an interviewer and show how you have demonstrated all of these skills, tell specific stories related to as many as possible. To go along with this, speak thoughtfully and ditch the common cliché interview wording, such as, “I have demonstrated great communication skills in the past,” or “I’m a perfectionist.”
 Depart Smoothly 
Interviews can be awkward in general, but one of the worst parts is leaving. How do you leave the interviewer with the greatest impression possible? Think through the “what is the next step?” question you will ask the interviewer, the firm handshake and the demeanor that the interview is not over until you get into your car. Also, a handwritten thank you note will work wonders with any interviewer. Snail mail these days get people really excited, so make sure to send a short note within a week of the interview.
First impressions do last a lifetime, so don’t catch yourself unprepared! Stick to these quick tips for impressing interviewers and you’ll have a memorable day in the office. Have any interview tips of your own? Feel free to share below:

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