declutter inboxHas your email inbox become out of control? Are you always running out of storage? It’s time to do some pre-spring cleaning in your email. Here are three simple tips:
Archive, Delete and Repeat
The simplest way to take back control of your inbox it to archive your old messages you need, delete those you don’t and get into a regular rhythm.
Create Subfolders and Filters
Let subfolders and filters become your new best friend! Let’s say you receive a lot of emails from the payroll team. Create a folder called Payroll and filter it so messages from that team automatically parse into this folder. That way, these are all in one spot and won’t get lost. 
Manage Alerts and Subscriptions
A frequent clutter-er of inboxes is alerts and subscriptions. Do you need to receive an email every time somebody “likes” your photo on Facebook? Probably not – turn off that notification. Do you still receive that newsletter you subscribed to that you have not ever actually read? It might be time to unsubscribe. You will be amazed at the impact of doing these two little things!
Have some down time today? Organize your email inbox, and you will certainly thank yourself.
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