While many take Spring Cleaning as an opportunity to dig through those old boxes in the bowels of their garages, job seekers should look at this as a time to revisit that dusty, old resume. Here are some tips to help you as you sit down this weekend and put some elbow grease into your resume:

Consider a New Look

There are many ways to reformat your resume to keep it professional-looking, but more appealing to the eye. Search for resume template ideas online and play around with it to see if you can take it to the next level. Remember, there is a line between implementing a more interesting and creative format and losing your resume’s professionalism! 

Delete, Delete, Delete

Take an editor’s eye to your resume. The general rule of thumb for resume experience is that if it’s from 10-15 years ago, delete! Keep your resume concise by not only deleting outdated information, but also getting rid of information that is not completely relevant to the positions you’re looking for.

Rethink Your Experience 

While you’re deleting your less relevant information, rethink how you’ve already communicated your relevant experience. Was there a different aspect of your past job that you could have communicated better? Could you reframe your bullet points about the big initiatives you lead? Think strategically and switch up your bullet points.

Highlight Results

What about the results of all your experience and hard work? Are they properly highlighted in your resume? If not, go through and think about your successful outcomes, and put the proper spotlight on these accomplishments. Hiring managers love to see results, so keep that in mind as you’re giving your resume a sweep.

Resumes need to be scrubbed every now and then, so give it the much needed attention this year during spring cleaning!

Did you recently do some spring cleaning on your resume? Share your insight in our comments below!