One of the best ways to prepare for a job interview is to practice your answers to common questions, because sometimes the “easy” questions can be a little tricky. One of which is, “What are you looking for in a new job?” Follow these tips for answering this common, but sometimes difficult, interview question:

Do Your Homework

Research the organization through their website, news updates and social media presence to learn what the company has been up to and what they value. This will help tailor your answer to speak to their needs and how you’re the right fit. For example, if they value their culture and are looking for a candidate to mesh, consider bringing it up, saying, “I am looking for a job with an organization that values its strong culture.”

Be Positive

You should never bash a former employer during your interview, so if you’re tempted to say something like, “To work for somebody who is nothing like my last company,” immediately put the thought out of your head! At the end of the day, hiring managers prefer hiring positive people they generally like, so do your best at answering this question, as well as all questions, in a positive light.

Be Honest

Above everything, be honest when you answer this question. Yes, you want to touch on the organization’s needs and answer positively, but you want your answer to be YOUR answer. Be your own advocate and speak to your true needs as a job seeker. For example, if you want a position where there is opportunity for advancement, communicate that! Because if the position does not meet your needs, it is not the right job for you, and a better opportunity is waiting elsewhere.

Job interviews are nerve-wracking, no doubt, but preparing yourself by thinking about answers to common questions will help take the stress out of the situation. The question, “What are you looking for in a new job,” can seem like a landmine, but if you follow our tips and think about beforehand, you will answer it well!

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