You’re wrapping up a job interview for your dream opportunity. You’re gracefully gone through your background, experience, strengths and weaknesses with your interviewer. To you, it looks like you are the perfect fit for the opportunity, and you have done a good job conveying that. Then your interviewer throws you a curve ball, asking “Why should I hire you?” Wait, why is your interviewer asking that? Doesn’t she see already that you’re the best candidate? This question can be complicated for many reasons, so here are tips to help you answer this question to the best of your ability:

Use Details

Simply saying, “Because I’m a good fit,” won’t do yourself justice when answering this interview question. Reiterate specifics that truly set yourself apart and make you a memorable candidate. Rearrange those words, and think of your answer more like, “I’m a good fit because…”

Don’t Talk About What You Want

Bottom line, this question is trying to uncover more of what you can do for the organization, so it’s not the time to mention why you want the job. Instead, you need to talk about why they should want you. Always focus on your interviewer’s and the company’s needs, not yourself, unless the interviewer specifically asks why you want the job.

Mix in Skills with Cultural Fit

Having the right skills is important, but being a good cultural fit to an organization is just as, if not more important. If the hiring manager has mentioned certain behavior traits needed for the position, like good time management or a high energy level, tie those into your answer while highlighting certain aspects of your experience and skillsets.

Remember, You’re Unique

No two job candidates are the same, so differentiating yourself from the crowd shouldn’t be difficult, right? Well, many job seekers often fall into the trap of trying to tell the interviewer what they believe he/she wants to hear, rather than honest answers. This results in many blanket clichés, so when the interviewer asks you why you should be hired, answer him/her truthfully with what you can actually bring to the table. Trust us, you will make a better impression!

Don’t let the question, “Why should I hire you,” derail your interview. Instead of panicking while trying to find the best words for something that seems so obvious to you, keep our tips in mind to help you best answer this tricky question.

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