Heavy eyelids, low motivation – the afternoon slump is setting in! Even the most driven professionals have issues with this productivity-killing time of the day, but there are ways you can fight it. Here are some tips:

Eat Breakfast

Mom was right; breakfast fuels our day, so you should never skip out. Forgetting the most important meal will surely lead to the 2 p.m. crash. Furthermore, consider something protein-heavy for sustained fullness and energy.

Stretch and Move Around

Take a few minutes to stretch and take a brisk walk around the office. Getting your blood pumping and taking your eyes away from your computer screen will wake you back up quickly.

Snack, but Avoid Sugary Foods

Carb coma is a real thing, so avoid the Girl Scout cookies and birthday treats that are littering the office. Again, protein rich foods are your energy level’s best friend!

Switch Tasks

Working on the same project for hours is draining! Change it up during the afternoon if you can, so that your mind refocuses and gets motivated all over again.

The afternoon slump does not have to be inevitable. Follow these tips throughout the day, and you will see better productivity even at 2:30 p.m.!

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