‘Tis the season for cookies, hot chocolate, comfort food and some extra holiday pounds! Between festivities with family and coworkers bringing in treats to share, you might feel like you’re beginning to lose the fitness battle this holiday season. Follow these tips to help you stay healthy, at least during office hours!

Take a Walk

The weather might be chilly, but take a quick walk during a break or lunchtime. If you’re in an urban location, consider traveling to your favorite lunch spot by foot. Not only will the fresh air reenergize you, the extra calorie burn will help you stay fit!

Choose the Stairs

Avoiding the elevator and taking the stairs is a simple choice that will help burn extra calories. If you take the stairs several times a day, that gingerbread man cookie won’t be so guilt-ridden!

Bring in Healthy Snacks

If your desk is stocked with healthy snacks, you will be less likely to indulge in the sugar bombs lurking throughout the office. Consider bringing in almonds, fruit, whole wheat crackers and veggies to help you avoid bad snacking choices.

Limit Portions

Avoiding the office kitchen all season long will be impossible, so the next time someone sets out tempting treats, let yourself have a little bit. If you take a small piece of cake or a half a cookie, you’re still saving some calories without depriving yourself of good holiday eats.

Group Fitness

Chances are you’re not the only one trying to avoid holiday weight gain. Get a group of coworkers together and join a fitness class or just go to the gym together. Try to encourage each other and stay on track together; it’s easier than trying by yourself!

Holiday weight gain doesn’t have to be inevitable. A healthy lifestyle is a lot harder to maintain this time of the year, but it’s not impossible if you pay attention, know what to avoid and how to fight back.

Have a holiday pounds-fighting strategy? Share it in the comments!