As we all know, many responsibilities fall under a leader’s umbrella. These can range from something complicated, like heading up an important project, or as simple as planning a team outing. As team leader, one of your hurdles to your responsibilities might be coming up with new ideas for projects, campaigns or simple day-to-day processes, but you have a secret weapon – your team. Follow these tips to getting your team involved when generating new ideas:

Remove Barriers

Your team’s next big idea could come from the person sitting right in front of you, but you will never hear it if your teammates are too nervous to share. Create an open environment for your team; it will help them feel more comfortable when sharing ideas and suggestions, ultimately making your team more efficient.

Hold a Team Brainstorm

A more proactive way to generate ideas is to hold a team brainstorm. You can hold a brainstorm for pretty much anything – new projects, names for programs and even themes for a company party. To help your meeting be more productive, ask each member of your team to bring three new ideas to share with the group.

Maintain Open Communication 

When new ideas are being explored more deeply, be sure to follow through by keeping your team up to date. This will give your team more gratification as they watch everything unfold and come to life.

Give Credit

Be sure to give ample amounts of credit and recognition to members of your team who come up with or help develop new ideas. Everybody wants to feel appreciated, so recognition is a great way to keep your team engaged and motivated.

Coming up with new ideas might seem tough sometimes, but it’s never impossible. With the help of your team, you can be certain that thinking of new ideas won’t stand in the way of the success of your next big project.