Every summer, millions of Americans pack up and hit the road for summer vacation. If you’re leading a team of employees, many of your team members might be arriving from or heading out the door to a summer getaway at any point during a given week. With constant coming and going, there is a real possibility that your team is not working nearly as efficiently as usual. Follow these tips to help ensure your team doesn’t drop the ball during summer vacation season:


As a leader, you set the standard for communication. During summer months when your team is coming and going, ask them to send group-wide emails to inform the team when they are leaving, how much access to communication they will have and when they are expected to return. This will help prevent any confusion among the team about who will be in the office and when.

Set Expectations 

Before one of your team members leaves on a trip, sit that employee down and inform him/her about your expectations before he/she leaves. Do you want this employee to wrap up a portion of a project? Do you want him/her to set up away messages? What about moving the date for that big meeting? Make sure you properly communicate what needs to be done before your employee can have fun in the sun.

Be Prepared to Step in

No matter how well you and your team prepares, there is always a chance that something will still go wrong. Be prepared to put out that fire if it happens. Part of being a leader is to support your team where needed, so step in if a crisis arises or if your team needs additional help.

Team members coming and going does not mean the team’s projects have to suffer. Lead your team through the summer season by following these tips, but of course, don’t forget to set aside time for your own R & R!