Each company has its own unique culture that is special to employees. Whether it’s to clients or job candidates, you want to make sure your organization’s culture properly seen and appreciated. Follow these tips for letting your company culture shine like a new penny to those outside of your company walls:

Display Your Mission and Values

Your company’s mission and values are what motivates your team, so why not share them? Add a page to your website talking about your mission and values, and proudly display them in your office. By doing this, you are laying the foundation for job candidates visiting online and on site to easily pick up on what drives your culture.

Create an Environment that Suits

Taking it one step further from displaying your mission and values in your office, create a whole environment what conveys your culture. Does your organization value creativity? Consider painting your office different colors to spark that within your team. Do you value teamwork? Try ditching the standard cubicles and making a more open workspace. Your office says more about your culture than you think, so take that into consideration when making renovations.

Use Your Website and Social Media

Social media is a great way to let people outside of your organization get a look into your culture. In fact, social media sites are one of job seekers’ first stops after applying for a job. Furthermore, potential clients also check out company profiles to get a better picture of an organization. Share team accomplishments, and post pictures of your teammates celebrating milestones, company events and random happenings throughout the organization.

Company culture is definitely something to take pride in, and by following these tips, you can help assure that people external from your organization will sense why you are proud and fall in love with your organization, too.