We’re always hearing about the differences between introverts and extroverts and what they bring to the work environment. The fact is, categorizing someone as either/or does not do the individual justice. Every employee is unique, so you cannot entirely categorize them in one way; many of us fall somewhere in the middle, so we wanted to share tips on how to manage everyone to the best of your ability:

Respect Individual Working Style 

Whether working independently or with a group is your employee’s strength, do your best to accommodate. Of course, not every project can be solo work, like how every task cannot be a group effort, but try to position your employees in their preferred environment.

Learn How to Give Praise

Everyone feels a little bit differently on praise and recognition, particularly when it’s on a public level. Learn how your teammate prefers to be recognized, because you’re not doing a lot of good if you publicly praise an employee’s work on an initiative and he is embarrassed!

Adjust the Way You Give Feedback

Similar to how different employees prefer different ways for recognition, they have preferences on how to receive feedback. Some prefer face-to-face, and some prefer email. Again, learn each of your teammates’ preferences and try to accommodate.

Consider Your Involvement

As a leader, you probably have a certain management style. For example, are you more hands-on or hands-off? At the same time, each employee functions differently under certain management. If you have an employee who thrives with independence, focus your attention on your employee who prefers bouncing projects back and forth with you for your input. Making these changes on your end can help your teammates work better.

Try as we might to categorize types of employees, we need to remember that we’re all unique, and that presents a challenge to leaders. Don’t simply look at your team as a bunch of introverts and/or extroverts; look at them as individuals within this spectrum. Doing so, you can help your employees become successful in their positions and beyond!

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