The presents are unwrapped and cookies are eaten. As the holidays are slowing down, job seekers are starting to get back into the groove in hopes for a new job to accompany the New Year. If you are like many, getting back into the swing of things might be difficult, so follow these tips for getting motivated and reenergizing your post-holiday season job search:

Get Organized

Did all the hustle and bustle of the holidays leave you a little disorganized? You’re not alone! Figure out which jobs you applied to and when, who you have been in contact with and where they work. Getting organized might seem like a lofty task, but it is the first step to truly reenergizing your job search. 

Evaluate Your Search

The next thing you should do to get yourself motivated is to evaluate your situation. What kind of jobs have you been applying to? Have you seen more responses when you apply to job on LinkedIn rather than job boards? Evaluating your situation will help you adjust your strategy and make your searching efforts more efficient.

Reconnect with Your Network

Reach out to your professional connections, because new opportunities might have popped up or will pop up in the near future. Remember that networking is still king in the job search, so putting a special emphasis on it is a great way to reenergize yourself.

The holiday season is a great time of the year to be with friend and family, so if your job search got backburnered, don’t worry! Just follow these tips to help get yourself motivated and reenergized for the search in 2014!