While we ring in the New Year with resolutions, self-improvement goals and hopes for the best year yet, it’s important to reflect on the job trends of 2017 and think ahead to how these may change in 2018. Last year, we saw the job market change drastically due to technology, climate factors economy changes, and political actions. What will be the factors that determine job trends in 2018? Whether you’re deep in a job hunt, currently employed or an employer impacting a team of professionals, pay attention to recent job trends because they could directly impact your career! Stay one step ahead of the curve by watching out for these trends:

AI Expansion

One of the recent hot topics has been Artificial Intelligence, or AI, and that is not going away in 2018. AI will undoubtedly impact the way that we do our jobs and the skills required to be successful. “In fact, according to a recent article by CIO Dive, “By 2021, AI is forecast to recover about 6.2 billion hours of productivity and add $2.9 trillion in business value.” What does this mean for the current job market? AI will likely be adopted quickly because of the benefits and efficiency. For instance, chatbots make it easier for employers to communicate with customers on a timely basis, machines at restaurants are making the process of dining faster and websites are able to offer personalized options for viewers. In fact, according to a recent Forbes article, nearly 20% of companies have already deployed chatbots in the workplace, with anticipated 57% by 2021. The use of AI will increase dramatically across all industries in 2018.

Social Media Is (Still) Dominating  

As we’ve seen throughout the last decade, social media usage will continue to climb and majorly effect both job candidates and employers. According to a recent article, 79% of candidates use social media in their job search. What does this mean for job candidates? The importance of maintaining every social media profile on all platforms will be crucial to the job search in 2018. The same article stated that over 60% of organizations are strengthening their brand as a result of social media usage in the job search. If organizations are investing in their own profiles such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat, it will be imperative that job searchers invest, as well.

Focus on Retaining Employees

With automation and technology becoming more popular, younger generations entering the workforce and the shortage of top candidates effecting the talent pool, companies will push to invest more in current employees in 2018. According to a recent Forbes article, “employers will be investing more money into their training and development programs in 2018 in order to fill their skills gaps and reach their full capacity.” Thorough training and sound teams will not only increase project productivity, but will also contribute to an enormous cost savings in 2018. The same Forbes article states, “When teams are appropriately trained, companies save an average of $70,000 annually.”

Emphasis on Branding

2018 will be the year to rethink and refine the entire internal recruitment process. Now more than ever, organizations need to focus on attracting top candidates for jobs. There are many factors that are driving the importance of a strong employer brand, application process and every recruitment activity that include competiveness, implementation of AI and narrowing skillsets. According to HR Drive, “As employers have begun to realize that their brand in the marketplace has a direct impact on their ability to attract top talent, more and more have taken steps to hone their image.”

Job Growth in Technology and Healthcare Industries

According to a recent Glassdoor report, of the 15 roles projected to add the most jobs in the next decade, four are in healthcare. The reasons behind the strong industry needs depend entirely on demographics. As the baby boomer generation continues to age, more and more jobs are required in the healthcare sector. The other job sector that will take off in 2018 is tech. According to the Glassdoor report, “Today, every industry is trying to transform itself into a tech industry in some measure, using software, automation, mobile apps, and big data to automate, make smarter decisions, and drive value to customers.”

Don’t get stuck in 2017! To be successful and aware of the job market changes, stay in the know on current trends in the New Year. If you have any 2018 job trends to add, please share below: