Happy first day of summer!  As the temperatures rise, you might be feeling the heat to take advantage of these summer months to nail a job. Here are some tips to get you started on a red-hot summer job search!

Make the job search your job.

Don’t let lazy summer days make you lazy in your job search! In order to be successful, you need to treat your job search like your job. By that, we mean to set aside designated time to dig into the search. Find a place where you can concentrate, free of distractions, and truly focus on tracking down jobs, submitting applications and preparing for interviews.

It’s all about the personal touches.

The more and more resumes you send out, the more tempting it can be to mass distribute. Employers can typically tell if you are sending the same resume to everyone. They don’t want to know why you are qualified for any position, they want to know why you are qualified for the specific position they are offering. Make sure you tailor and personalize your resume for who you are specifically sending it to!

Keywords are a two way street.

If you are searching for jobs online, it is essential to remember the importance of keywords. When searching the massive amounts of jobs posted online, it is important to narrow your search by using the right keywords for your position and industry. On the flip side, make sure to use those same keywords in your online resume and cover letter to make YOU easier to find by potential employers!

What’s your value proposition?

To set yourself up as an ideal candidate, you need to be able to demonstrate not just what you can do, but the impact you can have. Whether it is in an interview or on your resume, make sure to show, not just tell. How are you results driven? What demonstrates the leadership skills you say you have? Think about your value proposition- what value you can truly add to a team- and make sure that you are highlighting it throughout your search.

We know that searching for jobs isn’t the most fun of summertime activities, but by maintaining a positive attitude and following our tips, you will be one step closer to landing that dream job!