Your resume is alive!
Okay, so maybe it won’t be getting up and making breakfast anytime soon, but your resume should be thought of as a “living document,” one that evolves and changes along with your career. Your resume is your story; if you’re not standing still, your resume shouldn’t be static, either! This means updates to your resume can be made at any time before, during or even after a job search.
Unfortunately, most of us arrive at an acceptable version of our resume and call it a day. However, once we start admiring a “finished” resume, it immediately begins collecting dust. Before long, you might need to use that document – whether for a new job or when a promotion opportunity arises – only to find it’s terribly outdated!
Whether you’re happily employed, considering a change or waiting for your next big opportunity, here’s why it’s a good idea to update your resume today:
Keep Track of Continued Learning
If you’re trying to become a better candidate or are currently working in a role you enjoy, you may be learning new skills and techniques through classes or hands-on experience. However, your resume remains dated with experience that doesn’t tell the whole story. Change can sometimes come so gradually that it’s hard to notice! Keep track of your accomplishments by adding them to your resume document as your learning continues.
 Network Check-In
Combing through your resume can remind you of colleagues to catch up with! There’s nothing worse than having to awkwardly reach out to someone for help after falling out of touch. And no one wants to feel like they’re being used! Send a friendly email to an old manager or pick up the phone to talk to your favorite professor. Open communication with trusted members of your network can keep you in-tune with industry news, build lasting friendships and open new opportunities for professional development.
 Make Materials Match
You may not email out your resume every day, but how often are people viewing your social profiles? More and more connections are being made online, so it can be costly to have a professional page that is out of date. If one page contradicts another, and both are completely out of step with your resume, it can cause serious confusion. Any professional-facing profile, such as a LinkedIn page or personal website, should be updated to include all recent progress in your career.
 Eyes on your Future
No matter where you are at in your career, revisiting your resume is a great way to see how far you’ve come. In fact, tracing where you’ve been might just help you figure out where you’d like to be! Being aware of the skills, experience and education that sets you apart is key when determining a career path. Whether you want to land a new role or just define a stronger five year plan, consider your resume a road map to new opportunities!
Your resume isn’t meant to sit on a shelf to be admired; it’s a reflection of the ever-changing professional you! No matter if you’re unemployed or climbing the ladder, take some time to update your resume – today!
When’s the last time you updated your resume? Share what you learned the last time you reviewed it below!