Labor Day is almost here! If you’re packing up to visit family for the long weekend or taking time off for a week-long trip, check out our vacation checklist before you leave the office this Friday:

Review To-Do List
Think about your projects, and make a list of everything that needs to be done. Separate them by what’s due before you leave and what can wait until after you come back.

Get Help
If that pre-vacation to-do list is larger than expected, find someone you trust in the office and see if he/she is willing to help you out.

Attention to Detail
Whether it’s setting up an away message on your phone and email or making sure a package gets mailed on time, pay special attention to detail so you do not leave anyone hanging.

Clean Your Desk
Much like how many clean their homes before a vacation, you should clean your desk before leaving, too. It’s a lot easier to come back to an organized desk than a mountain of paperwork.

Take Advantage of Travel Time
Long car rides, layovers and delays can be a nuisance, but not if you use that time well. Laptops, tablets and smartphones can help you pass that time productively.

Turn off Technology
Once you arrived at your destination and everything is squared away at the office, make sure you turn off your gadgets and enjoy your time with friends and family!