Veterans Day is a time to share our appreciation for those who have served our nation. Veterans Day was originally known as Armistice Day and meant as celebration of the signing of the declaration that ended the first World War. In 1954, the name was changed to properly honor all those who have served in all wars. Just as the holiday has expanded its reach over the years, all of us who celebrate our veterans have a responsibility to move beyond simple acts of recognition to learn more about our service members’ experiences and the challenges they face.

Veterans: Life Before and After Service

At Medix, we recently interviewed United States Veteran and Vice President of IT at Medix Technology, Jeb. We wanted to learn more about his time in the military, but also about the transition he made back into the workforce. First, he shared his experience in the U.S. Air Force:

“I joined the Air Force in June of 1998 right after I graduated high school and went to basic training in Lackland Air Force Base. I was fortunate enough to get a briefing from a Master Sergeant who was looking for trainees to try out for TACP (Tactical Air Control Party). They were Air Force personnel who lived, trained and fought with the Army. I tried out and was accepted.
I was stationed in Ft. Bragg, North Carolina for just under two years and Schweinfurt, Germany for just over two years. It was in Germany where I saw the towers come down on 9/11, and where I was told for the first time I was going to go to WAR. It was a very surreal realization, as I imagine it was surreal for many people in the military at the time who had joined during peacetime and were now being thrust into the possibility of going to war. I knew immediately I wasn’t nearly as prepared as I felt like I should have been. I immediately started volunteering for every field training opportunity I could so I could be as prepared as I possible for going to war, though we still did not know when or where that would be.”

Later, Jeb talked about his transition out of the armed forces and back into civilian life. For many veterans, this transition back into the workforce can be a difficult one. Faced with finding work in settings where their military experiences rarely are directly transferable, many qualified veteran candidates find themselves trapped between a feeling of being simultaneously over- and under-qualified.

Impact Podcast, Featuring Jeb – Vice President of Information Technology: Medix Technology

In a special Veterans Day edition of the Medix Impact Podcast, Jeb shares his story, along with advice for veterans who may be facing the same challenges he did when returning to the workforce. Tune in below to hear how to take Veterans Day beyond, “Thank you for your service” to positively impact those taking the next steps in their career.