Taking your career to the next level doesn’t always happen overnight. Yes, some people have lucky breaks, but it’s not always that easy. If you wait to become promotion-ready until a position opens, you may have missed your opportunity. Here are tips for putting yourself in promotion position before the job opens up:

Network within Your Department

Get to know people within your department, and build genuine relationships with them. In return, your colleagues will learn more about you, how you work and ways you impact the team. The more people who know what you have to offer, the better off your promotion bid will be.

Express Interest 

Be your own advocate and express your interest for taking your career to the next level. Silence may result in your supervisors thinking you’re content with your current position and not interested in moving forward. Communicate your career goals with your supervisors, so they know to keep you mind for new opportunities. 

Continually Demonstrate Your Value 

Keep record of your accomplishments, so you can demonstrate how you’ve impacted individual initiatives, your team’s efforts and even the organization. This will help build your case for promotion, so that when the position opens, there isn’t a question about if you can succeed in the promoted role.

Go the Extra Mile

Going the extra mile speaks more to your passion for your job and desire to contribute to the team than your actual words. Assist leaders and teammates with a lot on their plates by volunteering to take on some of their projects, and join committees outside of your department. Furthermore, to demonstrate your leadership capabilities, volunteer to be the leader of group projects.

Think Outside the Box

Doing things the way they’ve always been done is safe, but it won’t help you stand out. When you think outside the box, you have the opportunity to change the way things are done to make initiatives more efficient and effective, ultimately resulting in memorable work. Putting your unique spin on projects will prove your value and demonstrate your professional growth, two important things in your pursuit of promotion!

Stay Clear of Office Politics

Office politics is a deadly trap. Constantly complaining and gossiping about other teammates will make you stand out, but in a bad way. Leaders like positivity on their team, so they are not apt to promote a negative person.

We all have career goals, and if one of yours is to advance, you have work to do today. Follow our tips and start laying the ground work for promotion now, so that you’re the clear choice for the next leadership opportunity.

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