In recent years, many challenges have disrupted the workplace, such as the global pandemic, the Great Resignation and mounting job openings amid the backdrop of a potential recession. People are leaving jobs -and employers- in record numbers. Employers are faced with the difficult task of retaining and engaging their current workforce, while strategically positioning their organizations for new employee attraction.

Join Medix President and CEO Andrew Limouris and Sanja Licina, President of QuestionPro, as they unveil data-driven insights into how employees and business leaders currently feel about workplace culture and discuss the impact these findings can have on your business in 2023. They will tackle topics such as:

  • How employers and employees view workplace culture in 2023
  • Do employees and employers’ cultural expectations match up?
  • Culture’s role in employee attraction, retention and engagement
  • What it means to have a purpose-centric culture and why it is important to business success

Start 2023 off right by joining this can’t-miss conversation to learn how a purpose-driven driven culture can make the difference in business success.