It’s never easy to decide what you need to write on your resume. Sure, we hear plenty about things we should include on our resumes, but what about things we need to leave off? Take a look at our list below.

Old, Irrelevant Jobs

If you’re looking for a nursing position, and you’ve listed your high school retail job on your resume, it’s probably doing you a disservice. Stick with your most relevant and recent experience on your resume.


Unless you’re a model or actor, you should never put a picture on your resume. It is illegal for employers to consider you based on your appearance, and they don’t have time to really care what you look like either. Make sure to use this precious space to list information that will actually sell you as a professional.

Short-Term Jobs

Many job seekers take on short-term internships and temporary jobs to gain experience, and hiring managers enjoy seeing these types of positions on resumes. But permanent jobs that end prematurely can raise red flags. Hiring managers might think you keep getting fired or that you’re a job hopper. Job hoppers scare hiring managers just as much as potential bad employees, so avoid listing short-term positions unless they are relevant internships or contract work.

The Phrase, “References Available Upon Request”

This goes without saying, so why waste valuable resume real estate by including this? Use that space for something more important to hiring managers, like relevant experience or accolades.

Resume writing is tricky, but if you think strategically and rationally, your resume will have a better chance to catch the eye of hiring managers.