Do you love your job?
If there’s hesitation in your answer, that’s normal! After all, most people don’t immediately connect the idea of love, the ultimate expression of the feelings found deep in our hearts, to business-related matters. However, if you’re not working at a job that connects with you both professionally and emotionally, you might be hurting yourself more than you know.
Consider this: according to recent research, “People who believe they had a calling but weren’t currently pursuing it were worse off both mentally and physically when compared to people whose jobs matched their calling or who didn’t think they had a calling at all.”
In other words, not finding and following the things you love in your work can leave you with low levels of job satisfaction, and higher levels of physical ailment and psychological distress.
Take a moment to reconnect with the things that are most important for you before accepting your next job offer. Here are three key factors that may help you decide if a role is truly a match made in heaven:
Follow your Passion
Determine the skills you possess that truly energize you, and find a way to embrace these in the workplace. Truth be told, defining your personal “x factor” can be a bit daunting. Many times, your true passion may not directly relate to your education background, but that’s okay too! Your driving force can be related to your major, an outside hobby or even a new frontier you’re interested in. The most important step is to recognize it, then adapt your job search accordingly.
Connect with Culture
Culture fit is key when finding a job you love! Review all company websites, social media accounts and gather information from employees when researching culture in each particular organization. Sometimes, differences in mindset will be apparent immediately; other times, it can take a while to get a real sense of the day-to-day work environment. Be direct in questions related to culture, and really consider if it fits your style before accepting an offer.
Be the Change
While the title itself or the role responsibilities may not focus entirely on something you’re passionate with, don’t worry! The most important factor to consider is if there’s capacity in your role or in the company overall to be able to at least dabble in areas important to you. Over time, if you show promise in a particular area, this can become more of a regular part of your job.
Love and work may not sound like a match at first sight, but with a renewed focus on your passions, you can find a job that invigorates you! Do you have any tips for falling in love with your work? We’d love to hear your story below.