When the weather warms, many begin dressing in comfortable clothes with brighter colors and lighter fabrics. Regardless of how hot it is outside, you always need to make sure you’re work appropriate before you step in the office. Follow these tips to help ensure you don’t have any uncomfortable conversations with HR this summer:

Revisit the Office Dress Code

Before you break out the sleeveless dress and sandals, reread your company’s dress code to make sure it’s allowed. If you can’t find it, ask a coworker or a supervisor for a copy. You never know, you might learn a thing or two more about your company’s expectations.

When in Doubt, Go Professional

On the fence about a shirt? Chances are you probably should not wear it to work. If you are questioning a wardrobe choice, your boss and HR might have the same thoughts when they see you walk in. So why risk it? Play it safe, and just go the professional route!

See How Coworkers Dress

Sometimes it’s easier to just learn from example, especially if you’re a new employee! During the first couple warm days, check out what your coworkers are wearing to get an idea of how you should dress. You may find that your organization’s dress code is outdated or that there is a different set of rules for summer.

Just because it is almost summer, doesn’t mean the office dress code goes out the window! If you follow these tips, you can continue to convey your professionalism during every season.