Change is in the air.
After a steamy summer, a cool breeze blows in, bringing with it new direction for everything it touches. It blusters through the trees and rattles the leaves, transforming everyday colors from bland to bold before our very eyes.
In the same way, the fall time can bring winds of change to your job search. Depending on how long you’ve been looking, you might be finding yourself caught in rut, following a predictable routine day-in and day-out. Before long, applying for the same old jobs on the same old job boards can wear you down.
Instead of crumbling like a newly fallen leaf, consider these seasonal changes that can really refresh your job search this autumn:
Learn Something New
School’s back in session, so why not dive back into being a student? Try taking advantage of community classes, online courses and other easily-accessible educational offerings in your area. Learning a new skill can not only occupy your mind, but employers may also view continued education as a sign of commitment and personal drive. Who knows, the different experience may just lead you to a new passion you’ve never considered before!
Shift Your Setting
Your home office or other personal workspace should always be a clean area that allows you to be comfortable to work at your own pace and style. However, the same old scene can become a drag after a while, especially as the days get shorter and that cozy feeling creeps in. If your office space is slipping you into a slump, try working somewhere new a few times this week. The relaxed vibe of a coffee shop or the peaceful calm of the local library might offer a welcomed change of pace for your job search process.
Research Another Industry
Depending on your search’s area of focus, there may not be many open opportunities available at any given time. This can back you into a corner, making your options seem extremely limited. To break out of this way of thinking, consider taking a look into another area of focus for a while. This can mean researching jobs adjacent to your main area of focus or looking into roles that are completely disconnected from the ones you’ve held in the past; the idea is to broaden your horizons! You never know which piece of information will lead you to your next opportunity.
Take a Walk
Staring at a computer screen all day zaps your energy. If you’re feeling like a job board zombie, consider throwing on a light jacket and taking a seasonal stroll. If that sounds like a simple suggestion, that’s because it is! These short diversions for your mind can help you to think of new ways to go about carving your career path.
Autumn is an incredible time of change. Embrace the shifting season and make a change to your job search tactics this fall! Do you have any ideas for switching it up this autumn? We’d love to hear your job hunt suggestions in the comment section below:

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