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For more than 20 years, we’ve helped companies and organizations just like yours source highly-qualified candidates for key roles at your organization.


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Achieve Operational Efficiencies With A Trusted Revenue Cycle Staffing Partner

Your revenue cycle management function is critical – and you must get it right. Hire talent to deliver timely revenue, steady collections, and financial viability with a flexible RCM staffing solution.

Hire Revenue Cycle Staff 

Hire Specialized Revenue Cycle Talent

Our dedicated and specialized recruitment team understands your market and your business, so we can deliver rigorously vetted and highly-skilled talent.

Streamline Patient Access

Collect patient payments and payer reimbursement faster by optimizing patient access with skilled revenue cycle management specialists who get patient access right the first time.

Effectively Manage Patient Financial Services

Comply with complex payer rules and regulations to better address your technical revenue cycle management needs by hiring experienced revenue cycle experts.

Navigate Claims Volume Shifts and Economic Change

Short-term, long-term, or permanent contract options give you the ability to navigate any seasonal project, hiring market, or economic climate.

Quickly Augment Your Workforce

Your Medix team manages sourcing, interviewing, onboarding, scheduling, and payroll management, so you can easily balance your full-time and contingent workforce instead of dealing with countless vendors and contractors.

Improve Fill and Retention Rates

You need talent who fit dozens of criteria — from skills to values to vision. At Medix, we use expert vetting and validation combined with our MyPrint candidate assessment to gauge performance and long-term fit.

Fill These Key Revenue Cycle Management Roles — And More

With over 3 million qualified healthcare candidates, we specialize in Revenue Cycle, working with hundreds of health systems, consulting groups, and third parties to support the following disciplines:

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Patient Accounts:

  • Collections (Government, Managed Care, Specialty)
  • Billing
  • Credit Balances
  • Revenue Recovery
  • Payment Posting
  • Denials/Appeals (non-clinical & clinical)

Patient Access:

  • Admitting
  • Registration (Outpatient, ER, etc.)
  • Central Scheduling
  • Pre-Access/Insurance Verification

Middle Revenue Cycle:

  • Coding (Outpatient, Inpatient, DRG)
  • Chart Analysts
  • Clerks
  • CDI (Clinical Documentation Integrity)
  • Revenue Integrity
  • Revenue Cycle Analysts

Revenue Cycle Technology:

  • Reporting (Epic Clarity)
  • Data Analytics
  • Training

“A Valued, Trusted Partner for our Hiring Needs.”

For more than 20 years, Medix has helped industry leaders staff hard-to-fill roles that require highly-specialized, high-performing candidates.

“Medix found a gem of a candidate. We were so very thankful and pleased. The entire team at Medix has been awesome and we are so thankful and grateful.”

Providence Health Regional Business Office

“The Medix team is responsive, attentive, and asks the right questions to understand our organization’s needs. The quality of candidates is outstanding. Throughout the assignment, Medix provided exemplary customer service.”


RWJ Barnabas Health

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One of our core values is “Willing to do What Others Won’t.” We’re committed to helping your organization get the talent it needs to achieve your goals and mission.

Learn more about how your Medix team expertly manages your process from acquisition to placement to retention.

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