Clients Reveal How Medix Helped Them Solve Hiring Challenges

Learn the top challenges facing organizations today, and hear directly from our clients about how Medix overcame them.
Working with a staffing agency isn’t just about filling seats for empty roles. A true staffing partner plays a pivotal role in helping organizations overcome the many obstacles that prevent companies from reaching their goals. For more than 20 years, Medix has locked arms with thousands of healthcare and life sciences businesses to do just that.

Finding Talent with Specialized Skill Sets

With access to a talent pool of more than 3 million skilled, certified candidates across the country and a dedicated recruitment team, Medix identifies, vets, and onboards recruits that meet and exceed our clients’ requirements. It’s a proven process that’s earned the highest awards in the staffing industry.

“The staff is incredible when it comes to finding candidates for hard-to-fill roles and everyone has been great to work with – always ensuring they are doing all they can to make our lives easier.”

Human Resources Director
Mass Advantage

“This was new for Medix as they had never filled a position like this before. Medix found a gem of a candidate. We were so very thankful and pleased that we offered her a full-time position when a spot opened.”

Manager, Revenue Integrity
Providence Health Regional Business Office

“I have used Medix for over 8 years and I have never been disappointed. The staff goes above and beyond to find the right employee – whether it be temp or permanent – to fit the position you need to fill.”

Medical Practice Manager
Summit Health

Talent Shortages

Our nationwide network of candidates and deeply knowledgeable recruiters enable us to quickly answer clients’ calls for on-demand staffing. Our team responds with urgency to seasonal demands, project-based requirements, or unexpected surges in patient and customer volume.

“They were expeditious and provided much higher quality candidates. Their process was much quicker than our internal one which in turn saved us time with vacant positions. Well worth the money.”

Director, Clinical Operations
Children’s National Medical Center

“The Medix Team understood my needs immediately and found appropriately experienced employees and sent me these experienced employees within a week of my request. This helped us staff up when it was urgently needed.”

AD, CTMS Operations Office
UC Davis Health System

Needing Qualified Candidates

To provide organizations talent with the right skills and relevant experience, our recruiters consult with clients on the job’s requirements and ideal candidate profile. Our team then screens and vets candidates before sending them to client interviews. 

Medix delivers on all fronts: Recruiter’s depth of healthcare IT experience in surfacing the right candidates; incredible turnaround times between us expressing a need and Medix delivering multiple candidate profiles to review; business models for large teams with evident value!”

Hamilton Health

“The responsiveness of the team and their ability to provide us with great candidates in a very short period of time. The proactive communication when things don’t go as planned. The team has made it abundantly clear that we’re important to them, and we’re treated as partners with a common goal.”

Patient AR Manager
American Vision Partners

“Medix vetted the candidate before you sent them to me to interview. Medix obtained the information I needed to know they were a serious candidate. The Aha! platform was easy to use. The Account Executive was responsive, helpful, and stayed engaged throughout the process.”

Licensing Commission Manager
Trustmark Insurance

Balancing Full-Time and Contingent Workforces

A workforce of full-time and contract employees can be difficult to manage. Medix helps here, too, providing valuable support to reduce confusion for our clients. We assist with processes such as onboarding, payroll management, and scheduling so clients can focus on big-picture operations. 

“The team demonstrates a strong commitment to collaboration, consistently striving for process improvement when onboarding experiences deviate from our initial expectations. They exhibit proactive behavior by seeking clarification through thoughtful inquiries and readily engaging in discussions to address challenges.”

Director of Professional Services
Just Associates

Their support with onboarding and management of the team has been super helpful for our leadership team. Our recruiters at Medix continue to learn and grow in their knowledge about our business and what qualities to look for in new recruits. They are growing and learning alongside us and support our efforts in finding the best candidates.”

Director of Professional Services
Just Associates

Access to Hiring Market Data

We use local and market data with our decades of evolving industry intelligence to execute our staffing solutions so clients can avoid the stress of hiring and keep working toward their goals.

“Easy, smooth, reliable, etc. They know the business and continue to deliver results with a superior offering. No one is perfect but this is pretty close.”

Senior Vice President & CIO
Stamford Health

Fostering Company Culture and Employee Engagement

Using our proprietary MyPrint® assessment, clients can evaluate and screen potential candidates, ensuring their values, goals, and behaviors are in alignment with the existing company culture. This results in employees with greater satisfaction, higher productivity, and longer tenures.

“I love working with your team; incredibly thorough. All efforts are geared towards our satisfaction with great candidates that fit our culture.”

Monogram Health
Monogram Health

“I appreciate the time saved with Medix screening potential candidates and the ability to keep it as a contract until it is determined the person is a good fit for our team.”

Practice Manager
Southeast Texas Orthopedic Group
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Working for You and With You

Simplify recruitment, hiring, and workforce management. Positively impact your organization. When you partner with Medix for flexible staffing solutions, you’re working with a team committed to helping you make a real impact with the people you need.

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