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Quickly hire highly-skilled pharmaceutical & biotechnology talent to fuel your research and development portfolio and speed-to-market.


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At Medix, we have decades of experience helping staff life sciences organizations hire scientific professionals.


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Solve Your Talent Challenges With a Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology Staffing Partner

The right talent understands the pharmaceutical & biotechnology research landscape, so your organization can develop and go-to-market fast with devices, pharmaceuticals, and therapeutics.


Hire Specialized Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology Talent

Unlock new pools of highly-vetted, skilled pharmaceutical & biotechnology talent experienced with the research and development lifecycle.

Work with Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology Life Sciences Recruiters

Reduce hiring risk and turnover costs by partnering with a pharmaceutical & biotechnology recruiters who understand the complex and regulated life sciences sector and competitive market needs.

Streamline Project Staffing Costs and Execution

With a staffing partner who can support every stage of your development lifecycle, you can more efficiently and cost effectively bring new innovations to market.

Improve Fill and Retention Rates

You need talent who fit dozens of factors — from skills to values to vision. At Medix, we use expert vetting and validation combined with our MyPrint candidate assessment to gauge performance and long-term fit.

Balance Full & Contract Workforces

Your Medix team manages sourcing, interviewing, onboarding, scheduling, and payroll management, so you can easily balance your full-time and contingent workforce instead of dealing with countless vendors and contractors.

Fill These Key Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology Roles — and More

With over 3 million specialized life sciences candidates, we help you find the temporary, temp-to-perm, and direct hire staff you need to support your scientific initiatives and projects.

Hire Pharmaceutical & biotechnology Talent Now

  • Scientist/Sr. Scientist/Principal Scientists

  • Research Associates & Assistants

  • Laboratory Technicians & Supervisors

  • Principal Investigators & Sub-Investigators

  • Study Directors

  • Regulatory Specialists

  • SEND Specialists

  • IACUC Coordinators/Specialists

  • Medical Directors

  • Clinical Scientists

  • Medical Writers

  • Technical Writers

  • Biostatisticians

  • Programmers & Bioinformaticists
  • Clinical Data Managers

  • Clinical Trial Associates & Managers

  • Clinical Project Managers

  • Clinical Research Assistants & Coordinators

  • Clinical Research Nurses

  • IRB Coordinators

  • Patient Recruiters

  • Quality Assurance Specialists & Managers

  • Budgets & Contracts Administrators

  • Billing/Financial Analysts

  • Medicare Coverage Analysts

  • Medical Monitors

  • Medical Science Liaisons


Trust in the Medix Process

One of our core values is “Willing to do What Others Won’t.” We’re committed to helping your organization get the talent it needs to achieve your goals and mission.

Learn more about how your Medix team expertly manages your process from acquisition to placement to retention.

How Medix Works For You

“A Valued, Trusted Partner for our Hiring Needs.”

For more than 20 years, Medix has helped industry leaders staff hard-to-fill roles that require highly-specialized, high-performing candidates.

“I love working with the Medix team; they are incredibly thorough, optimistic, and very responsive. Medix makes their clients feel that they are the most important and all efforts are geared towards our satisfaction with great candidates that fit our culture.”

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“The Medix team is prompt with responses and supportive in our endeavors to bring on great talent.”

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