Our formula for success?
People, purpose and passion.

Medix elevates recruitment and workforce solutions with decades of industry expertise and the data science of Talentoday, our talent analytics and innovation firm.

Positively impacting lives and business with data driven talent solutions.

Positivi Impact Lives - Medix

Our core purpose

To bring opportunities to businesses and job seekers that positively impact lives

At Medix, we boldly and decisively put people ahead of everything. Why? Because when you make the right choices for people, purpose is clear and performance and profits follow.

Every day we positively impact the lives of our talent, clients, internal team and communities by:

  • Ensuring every person can thrive at work, placing them in roles that match their skills and aspirations
  • Knowing what matters most to clients, from skills to culture, to deliver workforce solutions that fuel productivity and success
  • Building a purpose-driven, values-led workplace where employees are empowered to do good and deliver their best work
  • Giving back in numerous ways to strengthen the communities we serve.

The Medix story

Built on the principles of focus, differentiation and partnership

In 2001, Medix was formed not long after the tragedy of September 11th. The goal was to build a purpose-driven, community-conscious recruitment organization that delivers higher quality workforce solutions. How? By always choosing people first. “If we make the right decisions for the people we employ, they will convert that good will and commitment into productivity and high performance for our clients,” predicted Andrew Limouris, CEO and founder.

That prediction has paid off Medix, its clients and its employees. Since those early days, Medix has rapidly expanded to become a national leader in healthcare, technology and life sciences recruitment and workforce solutions.

As we have grown, our commitment to purpose has powered every step.

Learn how we’re building the talent of tomorrow through community and organizational partnerships, mentorship, and the MyPrint soft skills assessment by clicking here. 

The Medix Story

Medix’s Core Values

Desire to Serve Others

We care for our clients and talent, understand their goals, pinpoint their challenges and commit to solving their problems and positioning them for success.

Will Do What Others Won’t

We are willing to make personal sacrifices and exhaust extensive time, energy and resources to ensure we are an organization clients and talent can count on.

Never, Never, Never Give Up

What separates Medix is, no matter the challenge, we will always continue to push forward and devote ourselves to never giving up.

Locking Arms to Achieve Goals

We commit ourselves to making sure Medix is a place where we are surrounded by people who push us to achieve our goals individually and as an organization.

A place where both heart and ambition can thrive.

People who want to bring opportunities to others as much as they want opportunities for themselves are made for Medix.

Discover the purpose and the people who power Medix.

Giving Back
Every Day

At Medix, giving back is not something we do occasionally. It’s a cherished routine that shapes our days.

Generosity fuels our workforce excellence.

Recent Awards

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

The only way to live up to our core value of positively impacting lives is to embody that promise in our dedication to equal opportunity and diversity. Medix is a company committed to equal opportunity in employment regardless of race, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity and express, age, religion or physical or mental disability. Medix strives to build teams of diverse employees across our workplaces and for our clients, ensuring that opportunities are available to all.

Our teammates are making an impact across the organization through our Medix Impact Groups – voluntary, teammate-led groups that foster a diverse and inclusive workplace aligned with our core values.

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Medix staffing solutions are powered by the advanced people analytics of Talentoday.

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