Our Process: How We Work For You

At Medix, we create and launch a comprehensive and staffing solution managed by specialized recruiters for healthcare, life sciences, technology, and government services.

How It Works

Trust Our Proven Process to Deliver the Healthcare and Life Sciences Talent You Need

We provide comprehensive sourcing, screening and vetting by specialized healthcare and life sciences recruitment specialists.

Talk to a Hiring Specialist 


Our hiring experts leverage hiring market data and industry intelligence to build a flexible workforce planning and recruitment strategy, while consulting with you on the right job requirements and ideal candidate profile.


With access to more than 3 million certified and skilled candidates, your dedicated recruitment team can find the perfect match for your talent needs.


Prospective candidates are vigorously screened, validated, and gauged for culture fit with our proprietary MyPrint assessment. You’ll receive continuous communication, feedback, and support, as well as candidate packages that detail hard and soft skills and long-term fit.


We streamline the onboarding process for both candidates and customers with our digital talent management platform, Aha!. View real-time updates as each candidate progresses through documentation and compliance stages and receive instant alerts upon acceptance.


Log into Aha! anytime to send important candidate communications and get on-demand access to integrated time and attendance, productivity metrics, and real-time tracking of talent hours and project spend.


With ongoing engagement and feedback, milestone celebrations, and continuous learning and training, your recruitment team is a long-term partner to both you and the candidates.

Combining Industry Expertise, Hiring Market Data, and Local Insights

At Medix, we know the unique elements of your industry, and we have the specialized recruitment teams who’ll work one-on-one with you to source, screen, vet, and hire highly-skilled staff.

We use local and market data with our decades of evolving industry intelligence to execute —  so you can take the stress out of hiring and keep working towards your goals.

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Find and retain specialized talent while building a flexible workforce.