Medix Partners with Major Medical Center for Reauthorization Project – Achieving 100% Completion Ahead of Schedule

In the midst of a significant tax ID transition at the University of Maryland Medical Center (UMMC), a crucial challenge emerged within the healthcare system: the reauthorization of previously authorized visits through insurance payers across multiple departments. This undertaking was particularly impactful for the University of Maryland Marlene and Stewart Comprehensive Cancer Center, a cornerstone of the institution. Recognizing the magnitude of the task at hand, the UMMC team conducted a comprehensive workload analysis, revealing a shortfall of full-time employees (FTEs) required for completion. The deficit was deemed challenging and unlikely within their existing capacity and timeframe, which is when they turned to Medix. Medix became an integral partner in developing the UMMC staffing strategy, as well as identifying and hiring specialized candidates quickly. 

About the University of Maryland Medical Center

  • Based in Baltimore, Maryland
  • Private, not-for-profit health system 
  • Over 700 beds
  • One of the nation’s leading, academic teaching hospitals

The Challenge

Due to a change of ownership, the University of Maryland Medical Center was undergoing a tax ID change that required reauthorization of visits to several departments within the health system. Unfortunately, reauthorizations were not a centralized function and the thousands of reauthorizations would have required a high volume of full-time employees to be reallocated from their current roles to complete the project in a 10-week period. Without successful completion of this project, UMMC estimated a loss ratio of $3 million to $7 million. 

The Solution

UMMC partnered with Medix, a leading healthcare staffing company with decades of revenue cycle industry experience, and a large, vetted candidate pool with specialized authorization expertise. 

UMMC chose Medix for these reasons:

  • Expertise in the medical insurance industry
  • Connection to quality, specialized talent
  • Ability to staff a high volume of talent quickly
  • A true partnership, based on transparency, communication, and responsiveness

The Results

100% Completion Ahead of Schedule

  • Personalized Approach: Through the partnership, Medix suggested switching the roles from hybrid to fully remote. This proposal allowed for a larger pool of highly-qualified candidates, opening the search nationwide. This approach enabled an expedited hiring process, and ultimately eased the training and onboarding period through supplying talent with specialized skills that could seamlessly integrate into the project.
  • Increased Efficiency: In one month’s time, equating to roughly 13 business days amidst holiday disruptions, UMMC was able to complete thousands of reauthorizations ahead of its planned 10-week schedule. Candidates were then reallocated to supplement projects through the duration of their contract and empowered their full-time staff to optimize their time spent on daily tasks. 
  • Exceptional Satisfaction: Beyond efficacy, all candidates received positive feedback upon completion of their assignments.

“I’ve been in the industry for 31 years, and this has to be one of the best temporary outsourcing situations I’ve been a part of.” 
Mark Norby, Senior Vice President, Revenue Cycle

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