Building a Large Revenue Cycle Team from the Ground Up—and Keeping Nearly 100% on Board

Proud Moments ABA, a respected behavioral health organization for children on the autism spectrum, faced an uphill battle: building a large revenue cycle team from the ground up. This new team was necessary to manage significant growth, both organic and from acquisitions, which resulted in a stark increase in the volume of claims for their back office to manage. To win the battle, the agency partnered with Medix, which quickly sourced dozens of uniquely qualified candidates and accelerated hiring efforts.

About Proud Moments ABA

  • Behavioral health organization for children on the autism spectrum
  • Heavily focused on tailored Applied Behavior Analysis for each child
  • Mission is “to provide the gold standard of care for children diagnosed with autism”
  • Accredited by the Behavioral Health Center of Excellence®
  • 57 locations in 12 states, including 10 new locations in the past two years

The Challenge

Proud Moments ABA lacked a revenue cycle team and was not able to effectively scale to meet the growth of the company. They needed to build a full-cycle department that could maximize patient service revenue from insurance and funding sources. They struggled to find enough quality candidates through their own efforts, and open positions became more urgent as claims continued to grow.

The Solution

Proud Moments ABA partnered with Medix, a leading clinical healthcare and revenue cycle staffing company with specialized recruiters, to find, screen, and hire quality revenue cycle candidates with flexible employment models.

The strategic partnership relied on a number of Medix’s unique solutions and benefits, including:

  • MyPrint – Our soft skills assessment technology, which allows us to better match candidates to clients based on personality, behaviors, and motivations, often leading to greater retention.
  • Aha! – A proven tool to streamline the hiring and talent management process, while staying on top of budgets.
  • Connections – 20+ years of experience and a razor-sharp focus in the revenue cycle space translate to a deep talent pool, with a long list of pre-vetted candidates.
  • Flexibility – Focusing on hiring temp-to-perm candidates enabled the client to make sure each hire was the right fit, before moving them to a permanent role.

The Results: 97% First-Year Retention Rate

  • 99% Fill Rate – By partnering with Medix, Proud Moments ABA was able to fill every position on its new revenue cycle team, including revenue integrity staff, AR staff, and payment posters.
  • 97% Retention Rate – The emphasis on skills to fit the roles and traits to fit the organization’s culture resulted in exceedingly high retention.
  • Cost Savings – With minimal turnover, the organization saved tens of thousands of dollars on turnover costs.
  • Maximum Flexibility – By bringing on temp-to-hire staff, the organization was able to meet budget and assess talent, ultimately transitioning many individuals to permanent positions.

“Medix’s customer service and relationship management is second to none. They’ve continued to build a strong relationship with us based on their communication, experience, and reliability. They’ve repeatedly delivered the type of talent we need, while continuing to make financial sense for us.”
– Joe Abreu, Vice President, Head of Revenue Cycle

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