Even in this rocky employment market, job seekers are still selective about where they apply. Instead of sitting around hoping you receive applications from the best candidates, figure out what job seekers are looking for and what you can do to attract the perfect candidates to your company. To get started, consider these four perks on job seekers’ wish lists:

This should come as no surprise, but compensation ranks high on job seekers’ wish lists. Fair compensation is important not only for the employee, but for the employer, as compensation is a company’s biggest expense. It’s essential to save a buck in this economy, but your company still needs to offer competitive salaries. Don’t just pick a random number and hope it works. Take the time and research to determine fair and competitive compensation.

To some, benefits are just as important as salary. Basic health, vision and dental insurance are staples in a benefits package, but there are other options to add appeal and variety, like gym memberships or access to nutritionists. But before you invest in new benefits, survey your current employees to discover what benefits they truly value, and the benefits they are taking advantage of the most and the least. You may be able to cut costs by replacing a little-used benefit with something new and more desirable.

Work/Life Balance
When job seekers hear companies say they value work/life balance, many may see it is as an empty promise. Some companies claim they encourage a healthy work/life balance, but often times there is still the underlying pressure for 60- to 70-hour work weeks. Prove your company values balance by taking stock of your current employees’ satisfaction and making the necessary improvements.

Professional Growth and Development
According to a survey by Jumpstart: HR, opportunity for professional growth and development is at the very top of job seekers’ wish lists, regardless of employment status, age, gender or educational background. Most job seekers do not want to pigeonhole their careers; they want to prosper. Consequently, companies that offer opportunity for growth and development are increasingly sought out.

If your company offers any of these perks, especially growth opportunities, there will be no need to lose sleep during the hiring process. Instead, you can be confident your dream candidate is within reach.