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How to Highlight Volunteer Experience on Your Resume

Creating and updating your resume on a regular basis is important whether you’re an active job seeker or currently employed. This way, you’ll always have an up-to-date list of your relevant experiences and you’ll be ready to take advantage of career opportunities as they arise. This begs the question, “is experience outside of the work […]

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Medix Nashville Why Wall

Life at Medix: The Why Wall in Nashville

At Medix, our core purpose is to positively impact lives, but what drives our teammates at an individual level? For our team in Nashville, getting to the bottom of what was driving each other to achieve their goals led to the creation of something that brings their office culture to life – the Why Wall. […]

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starting a career in sales

Starting a Career in Sales? 5 Skills to Develop Right Now

The best sales professionals makes it look so easy. They walk into a room, schmooze the crowd, make the sale and it’s all good from there! How did they get to that point? Were they born with the ability to convince others to buy the product they’re selling? While some people do have a natural […]

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ghosting workplace medix

The Damaging Effects of Ghosting in the Workplace

Boo! Are you prepared to witness top talent disappear in an instant? Ghosting has taken over the office, and it doesn’t seem like a crew of ‘busters’ wearing proton packs will be able to save the day this time. Instead of ghastly figures and creepy sounds, workers are scaring companies with a different kind of […]

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