Medix Career Impact Blog

Medix Acquires Talentoday, a Global Leader in Behavioral Science

(Chicago and Paris) October 15, 2018 – Medix, a national organization specialized in workforce solutions and recruiting skilled personnel for clients in the Healthcare, Scientific and Information Technology industries, announced Monday that it has acquired Talentoday, a global behavioral science and technology leader based out of Paris, France, to bolster the company as an innovator […]

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breast cancer survivor stories firsts

Breast Cancer Survivor Stories: A Lot of Firsts

The old adage, “you never really know what you are capable of until you’re faced with what you’ve never done,” couldn’t be more true. I have never been fly fishing. I have never been to Pennsylvania. I have never driven a car in New York City. But, an opportunity presented itself to me – and […]

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fantasy football finding a job

3 Lessons Fantasy Football Can Teach Us About Finding a Job

I was on my way to a fantasy football championship. My draft was a thing of strategic beauty, with each position filled with star power from quarterback to tight end. After the first few weeks of blow out victories, I felt like my team was unstoppable. Then, tragedy struck. First, a slew of injuries took […]

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breast cancer awareness month the gift

Breast Cancer Survivor Stories: The Gift

Those fateful words “it’s malignant” took my breath away. Nearly three years ago, on a cold Saturday night, on the phone in my bedroom closet, my radiologist delivered the words that altered my life’s story. Now, out of treatment, surgery and therapy for almost a year, looking back on that moment and the chain reaction […]

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HEDIS mini blog

Resume Writing Tips: HEDIS Season Edition

Applying for jobs is no walk in the park. There’s nothing worse than feeling like your resume either isn’t up to par, or passing it along to several different companies without a response – especially during notoriously busy hiring seasons. It’s like a job seeker black hole of no return! The Healthcare Effectiveness Data and […]

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