Things are finally looking up after a relentless job search and application process- an interview is finally scheduled! Now, it’s that crucial time to properly prepare to blow this one out of the water. You’ve considered advice from friends, family and even blogs; but how do you prepare for the unwritten rules of interviews?
Take a look at some of our top insider rules of interviews before you step into the office:
Rule 1: Always Do Your Homework
The very first thing to do after scheduling an interview is to research the company. Go through the website, blog, all social media outlets and anything news related. Gathering information prior to an interview will help with preparation for any odd questions or providing intelligent responses. Show the interviewer that you did your homework by dropping tidbits, when appropriate, about company news or statistics. If you feel like taking it a step further, find out who’s conducting the interview and stalk their LinkedIn page. This will give you a better idea of who will be asking the questions prior to the interview.
Rule 2: Alarms! Alarms! Alarms!
The quickest way to make a poor first impression is to show up late for an interview. Being “fashionably late” doesn’t exist in the interview world; it only shows disrespect and laziness. Arriving on time means walking in five to ten minutes early. You should be early enough to sit down and collect your thoughts, but not early enough to sit in the waiting area all day.
Something to note – don’t forget to turn the alarm(s) all the way off! Having a cell phone go off during an interview is a huge no-no and could hurt your chances of a second interview or a job offer.
Rule 3: Avoid Being A Robot
Don’t fall into the trap of spitting out cliché answers to the most basic, overused interview questions. With nerves at an all-time high, sometimes our responses end up sounding more robot-like than intelligent and honest. Spice things up a little bit and add your own creative edge to answers! Instead of trying to tailor perfect responses, be genuine and let your personality shine through!
Rule 4: A Little Appreciation Goes A Long Way  
As the interview comes to a close, don’t forget to thank him or her for their time! This simple act of respect is a must at the end of every interview. Additionally, following interviews, employers look for certain things that make candidates stand out. By sending a “Thank You” message via email or hand-written letter, you will show interest and professionalism. Obviously, a hand-written letter will score more brownie points (who doesn’t love snail mail?!) It might take a tad longer to reach the office, but will surely make a lasting impression.
Going into an interview unprepared is not a great idea. Brush up on these rules for a successful interview experience! Do you have any unwritten interview rules? Feel free to share below:

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