You’re almost ready to apply! The job search can be exhausting, and internet fatigue is a real condition for anyone that’s had to sift through the thousands of opportunities and employers listed on digital job boards. When it finally comes time to click “send” and shoot your application and resume to a potential employer, it really is a great feeling…until doubt creeps in.

“Did I send the right version of my resume?”

“Wait, which job was this for again?”

“Crud! Where’s the undo button!?”

Protect against these moments of panic with our top five common resume errors to double check for before clicking “send” on your next job application:

Employer Name

Whether it’s within the content of your resume or just part of the file name, including the name of another potential employer when applying for a job could cost you the shot at an interview! Be sure to go through the file you are preparing to send and remove any mentions of other employers you have or are currently applying to. Replace any mentions of other opportunities with the name of the company you are applying for today. Personalization of materials by situation can be great, but it’s important to keep track of these changes for each new opportunity.


Even if you’ve reviewed your resume a thousand times before getting to this moment, it’s time to give it a once over again for any typos. Big or small, any misspellings or misused words can be distracting for employers. Most importantly, go beyond spell check! The little squiggly lines under words are a great help for spotting errors, but the computer can’t catch everything; context and industry-specific phrasing can confuse work processor programs, so be sure to manually read through your resume for typos even if the spell check comes up clean.

Employer Guidelines

Considering the sheer amount of different digital application platforms being used by employers looking to hire, it can be easy to lose track of what materials and format are needed to apply for a particular opportunity. Be sure to pay special attention to employer guidelines for applying when sending in your resume and other application materials. Some companies may restrict the number of pages your resume can be, while others might have specific rules for which sections to include; missing these application guidelines could cause your materials to end up in the “NO” pile lickety-split.

Beware of Format Changes

Always open your files before sending them to an employer! Think of all of the ways we send, view and edit documents these days; between email, cloud services and all file editing programs in-between, your resume can look different depending on which tools are being used to edit and read its contents. Be cautious of format changes and always review your file for differences before sending.

Contact Information

If you’re anything like me, you’ve had to change email addresses and phone numbers over the years for a variety of reasons. Whether you’ve moved to a new apartment or just fried a cell phone in an unfortunate pool accident, it’s important to triple check the contact information listed on your resume. Without the latest information, employers may not be able to get in touch with you to schedule an interview.

Applying for a job should be a positive moment full of possibility, not a stressful situation. Before sending in your resume, taking a few moments to look out for these five common resume errors and make changes where needed. Better safe than sorry, job seekers! Do you have any tips for reviewing digital application materials? Share your hints below!

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