Good Habits at WorkEverybody has a few bad habits to shake, like smoking cigarettes, eating poorly or chronic tardiness. When we have bad habits at work, they can stand in our way to successful careers. The good news is there are simple changes you can make to help! Here are some good habits to introduce into your work life:

Wake Up a Little Earlier

Nobody likes to be rushed, so starting your day by franticly running around, trying to get to work on time is not exactly the formula for success. Waking up 10-15 minutes earlier will alleviate much of the pre-work stress. If you’re feeling extra ambitious, try a half hour earlier to truly give yourself time to relax and ease into busy work days.

Read Professional Publications 

Instead of hopping on Facebook or Buzzfeed every break, consider spending some of that time productively on sites for industry news and professional publications. Not only will they help make you more knowledgeable about work-related topics, these sites might even help spark your next big idea. 

Stop Multitasking 

Multitasking is a huge productivity killer. Things like constantly checking our email during meetings or letting ourselves get interrupted are robbing us of focus and causing mental blocks. By multitasking, we take more time to complete tasks while making more mistakes. Banish multitasking from your workday by prioritizing and focusing on one project at a time. 

Find a Mentor

Professional mentors are a huge asset, because these are people who have been there, done that and can teach us about their experiences. They provide invaluable advice and are also great people to bounce ideas off of.  Mentors are everywhere – they can be a former professor, a current supervisor or that really knowledgeable person in your networking group. Take advantage of this resource, and you will gain more insight into your profession.

Get Organized

One of the top New Year’s resolutions is always to get more organized. Why? Because a little organization helps make our lives run more smoothly! Make organization a priority not just during the beginning of the year, but every day. Update your calendar, clean out your desk, categorize email in your inbox, write to-do lists, anything to help keep your work day in order.

Set Goals

Setting goals at work is a great habit to get into, as it provides focus, adds more motivation and gives you a greater sense of accomplishment. Come up with weekly, monthly and/or quarterly goals for yourself, but make sure they are productive and attainable.

Find Balance

Studies prove that a healthy work-life balance leads to more satisfied personal and professional lives. Work hard during office hours, but make sure you’re finding the appropriate amount of time for loved ones and things you enjoy. Yes, finding your balance is easier said than done, but the end result is worth it, so put effort into striking and maintaining the balance that works for you!

Developing good work habits can help take your career to the next level, so get started today!

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