Discover Your Aha! Moment

Empower Hiring and Talent Management with a Few Clicks on the Aha! Digital Dashboard
You rely on Medix to enhance your growing team with top talent, and now you can benefit from our best-in-class services through our digital dashboard, Aha!.

Creating an Aha! profile is optional for clients who wish to work with Medix in a digital capacity at no cost. Medix still offers its proven, traditional service. However, should you wish to create an Aha! profile, you’ll receive additional tools to streamline the hiring and talent management process.

Job Order Management

Enter new or duplicate recurring job openings through our job order creation tool to automatically connect with your account manager at any point in the day or week.

Candidate Packages
Gain visibility into the status of your opening, as well as review comprehensive candidate packages detailing the hard skills, soft skills, personality, behaviors and motivations of the selected individuals.
Soft Skills Assessment
The MyPrint®️ soft skills assessment allows us to better match candidates to you and your team based on their personality, behaviors and motivations.
SMS & Email Communication
Direct, customized and automated communication to talent to maintain their engagement.
Business Intelligence
Real-time data to optimize budgeting, spend and performance of your team.
Convenient Access
Connect with your account manager and other tools, such as timecards, without jumping to other sites.