3 Reasons to Pursue a Career in Staffing Sales

Staffing sales may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of the sales industry as a whole, but it can provide many exciting career opportunities. Staffing agencies employ sales professionals to represent their organization to existing and potential clients – employers looking to grow their team with the right people. These salespeople, also commonly known as account executives or sales managers, are responsible for creating and maintaining relationships with clients the staffing organization is currently working with or hopes to work with in the future. 

Why Staffing Sales?

According to the American Staffing Association, there are approximately 20,000 staffing and recruiting organizations in the United States that assist over 16 million people in their career search year over year. As the industry continues to grow, there will also be more opportunities for sales professionals to join this $150 billion industry and take their career to the next level. 

Chicago-based Account Executive Katie Bortz came to Medix after spending several years in media and advertising sales. When asked how staffing sales differs from other sales, Katie said, “It’s a much more structured sale and a much longer sales cycle. The goal is to make people long-time customers.” Staffing sales at Medix offers incredible opportunities, such as continuous growth and professional development, uncapped earning potential, and the ability to positively impact lives.

Opportunity for Growth

For people who want to see continuous change and growth in their careers, the sale is an excellent fit. Here at Medix, we value growth and opportunity. When choosing a career path post-college, Chicago-based Senior Business Development Manager Kaitlyn O’Reilly was drawn to sales at Medix after hearing about growth opportunities within the company. “Once I met the people at Medix, I could tell they were driven and passionate about making Medix grow and helping you succeed. The people care. They really want to grow this company.”

We take growth seriously at Medix. In 2020, Medix promoted over 100 internal teammates into delivery, sales, and leadership roles. One of those teammates is Dallas-based Account Executive Nick Bartlett. After meeting Medix at a career fair in college, Nick knew Medix would be a great fit for him. “Sales was always the plan,” Nick said. “I knew looking at jobs out of school you don’t usually go straight into selling. There was some sort of training program you went through first.” For Nick and other Medix teammates, that meant starting in a recruiter role. “Sales and recruiting are the same,” Kaitlyn said. “As a recruiter, you’re still selling; your audience is just different.” Nick credits much of his success in his current role to the time he spent recruiting. “It’s very easy to sell something you’re familiar with,” Nick said. Less than a year after starting his career with Medix, Nick was promoted into a sales role first within Medix Healthcare and then into a role with Medix Engineering and Construction. Nick is excited about continued growth within the organization and the opportunity to move into leadership roles down the road. 

Uncapped Earning Potential

Sales at Medix also provide the opportunity for uncapped earning potential. Nick says the ability to be “rewarded for what he did” is what really drove him to sales. “When you land a contract and see those commission checks, it’s a great feeling,” Kaitlyn added. “Medix is constantly growing and constantly wanting to create opportunities for people. If you’re a high performer, you’ll never be financially or professionally stagnant.” 

Seeing hard work pay off may take time. It may be months or years before some efforts start to see real results. Some days hearing “no” multiple times can be frustrating. When it comes to difficult days, Nick said being persistent is key. “To be a great salesperson, it takes someone who is relentless and doesn’t take no for an answer. Sales is a lot about being fluid and just figuring it out.” Katie also echoed these words of encouragement. “Let things roll off your back. On the good days, enjoy it. Take it in.” 

Positively Impacting Lives

Here at Medix, we are on a mission to fulfill our core purpose of positively impacting lives. Putting people first is at the heart of everything we do. “You are truly making a difference,” Katie says. “You truly are positively impacting lives. You’re putting people to work.” Medix is a purpose-driven organization. With our “double bottom line,” we strive to impact the lives of our talent, clients, internal teammates, and communities in the best way possible while continuing to grow the organization. As Kaitlyn put it, “We’re helping organizations grow, and we’re putting people to work. We’re giving someone an opportunity. We’re giving someone the same type of growth that we offer our internal employees here at Medix.” 

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