3 Technologies Associated with the EHR That Are Key to Improving Physician Satisfaction and Efficiency

Perspective from Dr. Brian Patty, Chief Medical Informatics Officer, Medix Technology

Before shifting focus from the initial foundation of a strong EHR build, it’s important to touch on a few key technologies that significantly augment your program bedrock from a physician satisfaction perspective: voice technology, single sign-on (SSO) and medication management. While there are certainly others to consider, these three are critical to any physician satisfaction and efficiency efforts.

Voice Technology

Voice technologies have moved way past just transcribing voice to text. Adding functions like EHR navigation, digital assistants, and AI aided NLP extraction of free text into codified text, voice is now a critical piece of any EHR foundation. Strong vendors in this space will also provide Computer Assisted Physician Documentation and real-time Clinical Documentation Improvement solutions to round out a full suite of offerings. My guess is that EHR vendors will soon wade into this space, but currently you will need a third party vendor to meet these needs. Also on the immediate horizon is real-time capture of the entire patient interaction.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

SSO technologies can markedly speed up access to both your core EHR and the associated technologies end users need to complete their daily workflows. Top vendors in this space allow for badge tap log-in and log-out to make life easier for your care teams. Using SSO can reduce log-in times by 30-40 seconds per instance and also markedly simplify remote log-in to your system.

Medication Management

Medication compliance is one of the most critical factors in determining outcomes and overall quality of care. A good medication management solution will offer a suite of functions including gathering medication lists and fill rates from PBMs, local pharmacies and physician offices, improving the ease and efficacy of ePrescribing, offering prior authorization details during the ordering process and improving medication adherence through patient messaging and prescription affordability.

As the Building Your Physician EHR Satisfaction Program series continues, our focus will turn to the first of three structural pillars which are integral to building an effective program: Training and Support.

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