4 Reasons to Apply for the Job (Even If You're Unsure)

The path to a new job is often defined by trial and error. First off, it takes time to learn exactly what you’re looking for in the next step of your career! Then, there’s that pesky matter of figuring out what employers are looking for in a new teammate. The friction between these two forces – what’s driving you to move forward and what employers need right now – is constantly influencing the decision making process for job seekers. Therefore, the answer to the question, “Is this job even worth applying to?” can be a complicated one. While there might be plenty of reasons to apply for the job, there might also be an equal amount of doubts holding you back. 
If you’re waiting for the perfect job listing to appear, you’ll probably be waiting a long, long time. Instead, here are four reasons to apply for the job, even if you’re unsure: 

Practice Makes Perfect

Let’s face it, unless you’re actively looking for work, very few people are regularly brushing up on their job hunting skills. From resume writing to interviewing, there’s a lot to remember when it comes to the do’s, don’ts and unwritten rules. Reading up on best practices can go a long way towards proper preparation, but there’s nothing as valuable as first-hand experience. Even if the job isn’t 100 percent what you’re looking for right now, the practice reps you’ll gain from filling out the application, tailoring your resume and answering interview questions will make you a stronger candidate. 

See Where You Stand

How many times have you decided against hitting send on your application for fears of not being qualified for the job? On the flip side, the same might happen if you get the sense you may be overqualified. While you might be right, it never hurts to apply and get a sense of where you stand. Whether an employer sets an interview or not, you might receive feedback that can help you determine where your experience and skill level positions you in the job market. This knowledge can help you to be more efficient in your efforts as the search continues. 

It’s an Opportunity to Learn About an Organization

Okay, so maybe it’s not the dream job you’ve been looking for – don’t sweat it! If you’re debating whether or not to apply for a job at an organization that you’re extremely interested in, your default choice should be to go for it. The hiring process provides incredible insight into the structure and culture of a team; it’s the kind of information you wouldn’t be able to learn from simply reading a website. Additionally, while the job that’s available right now might not be that perfect fit you’ve been fishing for, do not pass on an opportunity to get your foot in the door. The employer might just remember your name when something that aligns better with your career goals opens up.

Expect the Unexpected

You never know where one opportunity may lead you next. After all, it’s a small world, right? If networking events have taught me anything, it’s that you never know where you’ll meet the person who sparks your next great career moment. What feels like a shot in the dark today, could wind up being the turning point you’ve been waiting for! 
If you’re unsure whether or not to apply for the job, ditch the doubt and take a leap! Sure, you might not be the right fit, and something better might come along eventually, but right now it’s all about becoming the best job candidate you can possibly be. Taking as many quality opportunities to apply and interview as possible helps you to learn more about yourself, potential employers and where you stand in a competitive job market.
“The right job” means something different for everybody. The Medix team is ready to positively impact your job search by learning your goals and who you really are as a candidate beyond what’s written on your resume, so that we can match you to the right opportunities. Get started by joining the Medix Talent Community today at https://jobs.medixteam.com/

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