Balance Full-Time and Temporary Care Management Workers with a Staffing Partner

The healthcare field is constantly changing, with new trends emerging daily. In terms of care management jobs, trends such as the increased size of hospitals, cost-cutting, and the growth of community-based healthcare centers all contribute to staffing challenges and opportunities in the industry. These developments showcase the need for effective staffing for medical facilities, as having qualified and dedicated staff helps to ensure the best possible care for patients. Here’s a closer look at some care management staffing challenges and how Medix can make it easier to fill your open roles.

Challenges in Care Management Staffing

Finding Specialized Talent

This is one of the most common challenges employers encounter when staffing for care management roles. With the ongoing shortage of qualified professionals, it’s no surprise that finding the perfect staff members for your organization might be a challenge. When you find new employees, you’ll also need to prepare for rising burnout and turnover rates, doing what you can to foster positive working environments and listening to and reacting to feedback.

Managing a Changing Workplace

Another significant challenge that’s emerged in care management staffing is the ability of staff members to adapt to changes in the workplace. This includes shifts such as transitioning to new technologies, implementing new care protocols, and adhering to new industry and government regulations. Reduced staff flexibility can result in even more turnover, leaving you in need of healthcare providers. 

Balancing Full-Time and Contract Workforces

Balancing full-time and contract workforces is also a challenge when staffing for care management roles, as you’ll likely hire a mixture of both types of employees. This calls for exceptional time-management skills to ensure you keep track of vendors and contractors. When a facility contains a combination of full-time employees and contract workers, details can slip through the cracks and create confusion when schedules and employment terms are managed irregularly.

Why Working with Medix is the Perfect Solution

When you work with Medix, these challenges will seem far easier to tackle. 

You gain access to an extensive pool of specialized candidates.

For example, when you struggle to find specialized candidates for technical positions, you can turn to Medix’s extensive pool of highly vetted and skilled talent. Our dedicated recruitment team specializes in care management staffing and knows how to deliver the best talent for your market and your facility, including:

  • Nurse Case Managers
  • Behavioral Health Case Managers
  • Licensed Social Workers
  • Care Coordinators
  • Licensed Professional Counselors
  • HEDIS Nurses and Support Staff

Similarly, Medix allows you to assess the performance and culture fit of new talent before investing in them as permanent employees, ensuring you’re prepared for burnout and protecting you from turnover.

You reach a new level of workforce flexibility.

When thinking about how new hires will adapt to changes, Medix has a solution. We offer short-term, long-term, and permanent contract workforce options, making it easy for you to hire for your next seasonal project, regardless of the state of the hiring market or the economic climate. Your Medix recruitment team will also help balance your different workforces, as we assist with processes such as onboarding, payroll management, and scheduling. This lets you continue building your talent pipeline without juggling contract and full-time workers and their varying needs.

When you notice issues such as burnout, turnover, and resistance to change in your workforce, it’s likely time to adjust your staffing process. To ensure you can find the specialized talent you need and balance all your full-time and contract employees, work with a staffing agency like Medix. We’ll help you find the talent you’ve been looking for and create a qualified, passionate staff who’s well-prepared to succeed in their roles. 

When you’re ready to streamline your healthcare facility’s staffing processes, contact Medix to learn more.

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