Behavioral Health Hiring Infographic: Taking Care of the Carers

Behavioral health issues are on the rise. In turn, the demand for healthcare services in this space is increasing and behavioral health hiring is becoming an even greater challenge for employers already stretched thin.

Both spurred by the pandemic, and because diagnoses have become less stigmatized, there’s a greater demand for behavioral health services than ever before. Given the rising need, there are more job opportunities available for those interested in supporting areas of mental health care, including physician assistants, nurse practitioners, social workers, social work case managers, mental health counselors, therapists and behavioral health technicians.

Despite this, it’s still hard to fill those roles. The toll the past few years have taken on workers’ mental, physical and emotional health cannot be overlooked.

Download “Taking Care of the Carers: Support a Better Experience for the Behavioral Health Workforce” to learn why this high demand creates added pressure for an already stressed workforce. Within your copy, you’ll uncover key insights to support behavioral health hiring, such as:

  • How demand is outpacing staffing
  • Why burnout is taking center stage
  • Why it’s vital to improve clinicians’ experience to attract and retain top talent

Are you ready to support a better working experience for these healthcare professionals? Get your copy of our infographic to learn how employers can make a difference.

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