Build a Flexible, Stable, and On-Budget Workforce

US healthcare and life sciences industries continue to grapple with challenges such as an aging population, COVID-19, endless innovation demands (access to and use of data will remain at the forefront), talent shortages, and tight budgets, all amid ongoing economic concerns. To successfully clear these hurdles, organizations must adopt a flexible, sustainable, and cost-effective staffing strategy.

Here are some proven best practices that we’ve helped countless clients implement, increasing their flexibility and decreasing their costs:

1. Leverage staff augmentation.

Realize the benefits, including cost-effectiveness, flexibility, access to specialized skills, skill transfer, improved local talent pipelines, reduced workload, and decreased administrative burdens. Learn more about Medix’s tried and true recruiting and hiring process here.


2. Embrace temporary workers

Utilize a mix of permanent employees and temporary staff to flexibly scale based on demand, ensuring adaptability to seasonal fluctuations, patient volumes, trials, research, and project needs.


3. Revamp recruiting efforts.

Adjust recruiting strategies to attract more temporary candidates by emphasizing perks such as flexibility, location, pay, and future opportunities.


4. Recruit early and often.

Recruit temporary candidates early and consistently to secure a competitive edge, enhance candidate pools, achieve faster fill rates, and reduce overall recruiting costs.


5. Measure and share success.

Track metrics like recruitment costs, time to fill, retention of permanent staff, and total labor spend. Share the results regularly to showcase the effectiveness of staff augmentation.


6. Partner with Medix.

Collaborate with a trusted healthcare staffing agency, like Medix, to navigate the complexities of workforce management, ensuring a seamless experience and significant return on investment. Learn more about our budgeting and staffing best practices for 2024 from Andrew Limouris, our President and CEO here.


The Benefits of Temporary Staff

Temporary workers offer many benefits, including cost savings. They allow organizations to scale up and down based on changing needs, including during seasonal demand and unexpected high-volume periods. This flexibility translates to meeting staffing budgets without compromising performance.

Bringing temporary workers on for busy periods can even help prevent burnout among critical full-time staff, upping retention. For full-time staff, there’s also a learning opportunity, as temporary workers often share specialized knowledge and skills during their assignments, leaving organizations with more capable workforces.

Partner with Medix

As organizations navigate constant challenges, our commitment to positively impacting lives and creating tailored workforce solutions remains steadfast. With over 20 years of experience, Medix stands ready to partner with healthcare and life sciences clients to empower them in delivering positive patient outcomes and medical advances, while helping manage their bottom lines. 

Leveraging our temporary staffing solutions is a strategic imperative for navigating today’s challenges effectively. We provide access to a pool of highly skilled and qualified temporary healthcare and life science professionals, streamlining recruitment processes, reducing administrative burdens and related costs, and contributing to the creation of a resilient and efficient workforce—including yours.

Position your organization for success in unpredictable times with a flexible, cost-effective workforce. Get in touch today.

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