Building a Flexible Epic EHR Support Team and Staying on Budget

Healthcare organizations are continuing to strategize their digital plans for 2024, with many hospitals and health systems focused on optimizing their Epic EHR systems. This involves continual improvements, support, and training for end users. Despite the need for a significant investment in Epic-certified staff, organizations are seeking cost-effective staffing solutions to stay within strict budgets and maintain flexibility during optimization projects.

MedixFlex – Cost-Effective, Subscription-Based Epic Support Staff

A viable solution to these challenges is MedixFlex, an alternative to traditional outsourcing and consulting. MedixFlex offers the benefits of consulting, such as expertise and knowledge, but with better cost control, flexibility, and operational efficiencies. It’s supported by Medix Technology, a leading Epic EHR staffing and advisory agency.

It’s crucial to periodically assess your Epic support team. Questions about the degree of support throughout the previous year, readiness for large-scale projects, end-user satisfaction, and adherence to budget can guide discussions within your organization’s Epic leadership team. Exploring these questions often reveals optimization opportunities, especially as the healthcare industry strives to innovate while balancing budget concerns.

MedixFlex enables organizations to leverage certified Epic analysts and support staff on a subscription basis, allowing for workforce augmentation aligned with support initiatives. The subscription model allows for monthly planning, identifying temporary resource needs, and adjusting hours for enhanced agility and cost control. On average, organizations using MedixFlex can achieve approximately 25% cost savings compared to traditional consulting models.

Concerns about the integration of temporary staff with the existing team are common. Medix Technology addresses this by assessing certified professionals to ensure compatibility with organizational culture, understanding of clinical workflows, and seamless collaboration with full-time Epic support staff. This thorough evaluation aims to complement your internal applications team effectively.

MedixDirect – Newly-Certified, Long-Term Epic Support Staff

For hard-to-fill full-time, longer-term positions, you can rely on MedixDirect, which sources non-certified local talent at a lower cost compared to previously-certified talent and consultants. Medix Technology experts identify exceptional candidates, pay to have them certified, and integrate them into your team within two months. This way, you are building your own internal team, while saving up to 40%.

While it is a valid concern that Medix Direct focuses on non-certified candidates, which requires them to earn a certification, and perhaps takes them longer to ramp-up compared to experienced contractors and consultants, it’s all about identifying the potential. By selecting candidates with a sharp interest in Epic, the technical understanding, and the soft skills to effectively communicate with clinicians and other end users, we’ve seen countless clients not only save money, but praise the quality of their new talent. We’ve also seen newly-certified employees’ appreciation and excitement translate to long-term retention, reducing high costs associated with turnover and project interruptions.

In the realm of ongoing Epic support and optimization, the correlation between a flexible staff and cost reduction is evident. Strategic plans consist of projects, each requiring short-term expertise and skills that may not be present in the full-time staff. And as your organization grows and Epic scales with it, more full-time support staff is necessary to keep user satisfaction high. The ultimate question to consider is whether your organization is ready to leverage MedixFlex and MedixDirect in 2024 and beyond.

To learn much more about building a flexible, cost-effective Epic EHR support team, watch our on-demand webinar, “Innovative, Flexible EHR Workforce Solutions: Medix Direct and MedixFlex,” which is part of our Digital Healthcare Technology Virtual Summit.

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