Catalyzing Growth: How Strategic Staffing Helped a Leading Life Sciences Manufacturer

To meet increasing demand, a renowned supplier of medical devices and pharmaceutical products was starting a new work shift, which required a significant amount of recruiting, hiring, and onboarding. While there was pressure to have this shift up and running as quickly as possible, the organization lacked an internal recruiting team to source enough qualified medical device production specialists, which is why they turned to Medix. Medix became a key player in their staffing strategy, finding and hiring quality candidates quickly.

About the Client

  • Well-established company based on the West Coast
  • Offers medical devices and pharmaceutical products
  • Helps life sciences sector companies with global reach

The Challenge

The company had a robust project pipeline for substantial growth, but this meant expanding operations to maximize their potential. More specifically, it meant adding a new production shift as quickly as possible, to be led by a team of experienced and skilled production specialists. It quickly proved difficult to find enough qualified medical device specialists to accommodate growth.

The Solution

The solution was simple: The organization partnered with Medix, a leading healthcare and life sciences staffing company with hundreds of dedicated recruiters and large, pre-vetted candidate pools with specialized expertise in medical device production.

The client chose Medix for these reasons:

  • Expertise in the area
  • Connection to quality talent
  • Ability to staff a high volume of talent quickly
  • The true partnership, based on alignment, communication, and responsiveness

The Results

A 100% Increase in Production
  • Newfound Level of Scalability – Medix was able to fill all 15 open positions in just one month, enabling the client to quickly scale and successfully launch the second shift.
  • Increased Production – The company was able to double production for specific products, largely because of the expedited launch of the second shift and lack of ramp time with Medix talent.
  • Greater Revenue – The boost in production has significantly increased overall revenue.
  • Stronger Culture – Medix’s focus on cultural fit has strengthened company culture and camaraderie.

By partnering with us, a key supplier was able to quickly assemble a qualified team to launch a new work shift, increasing their supply to meet the market’s growing demand. It’s our unwavering focus on medical device staffing, understanding of what candidates and manufacturers need, and increasingly deep talent pool that enabled us to accomplish this. We’ve done the same for many other clients, and we would love to work with your organization next.

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